Just Published in April 2006
Bloodline in the Sand
A novel by Ronnie W. Day
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Have you been agonizing over where to go and what to do on
your next family vacation? Are your family members
depending on you to provide them with a fun, enjoyable, and
memorable getaway? Need some ideas?

Well, you have come to the right place!

I have set up this site to give you some ideas for some great
family vacations and to provide you with some information
that will assist you in planning those trips.

Some of my travels took me
to foreign countries and some of
my trips took me
from a foreign country to the good ol' U.S.A.
I did all of my planning, coordination, and made all of my
reservations either by telephone or Internet. Some of the
trips I took were on a tight budget and some were somewhat
liberal (at least from my budget’s point of view).

Some of the first trips I took created a lot of stress during the
planning and preparation and I decided that I could, and
wanted to share some of the ideas and provide some of the
details about those trips that may alleviate some stress in
planning and preparing for a decent trip.

Bookmark this site or save it to your favorites so you have your own
basket of trips to pick from when planning your next vacation!

Now, that being said, read on and I hope that some of my tips
and recommendations give you some ideas and are helpful
to you when planning your next trip. I have also included
some links on my website to assist you in planning,
preparing, and reserving, what you need, to create a
memorable vacation. Enjoy!

Copyright 2006
The Big CAT(ch)!
This was the big catch of our trip
Dale Hollow Lake that sits
along the border of Tennessee
and Kentucky!
Nuremburg Zoo, Germany
The little ones really enjoyed it.
No matter what country or what
zoo, it makes for a great day trip!
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This is the view of Dale Hollow
from the Wolf River Cliff
Hanger Cabin that we rented for a
The Cathedral
I took this picture from the top of
our houseboat rental at Lake
Powell in southern Utah and
northern Arizona.
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Lake Powell Utah/Arizona
Dale Hollow Lake Tenn/Kentucky
Houseboat Trip
Mallorca Spain
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San Gimignano Italy
Elba Island Italy
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